Learn to do stuff! By request, we’ll start with the basics:
* Learn to Knit (skill level: none to refresher)
* Learn to Crochet

Then move onto the fun stuff:
* Knit an asymmetrical shawl (skill level: beginner to advanced)
* Knit top-down socks using magic loop (skill level: intermediate, or adventurous beginner)
* Knit a top-down jumper (skill level: intermediate, or adventurous beginner)

My plan is to offer a 2-hour session, with pricing and inclusions depending on the workshop. All workshops will include a hot coffee/tea/etc, a 10% discount voucher for any standard-priced items, and my undivided attention for two hours.

But first, what days and times suit you? Please click the boxes and/or leave a message. This poll will be open for a week.

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