If you’re a crafter like me, you will most likely have piles of ideas and good intentions just waiting for the “right” time. Tim and I quit our day jobs to start this little venture of ours to give us time to do All the Things. My Thing at the moment is weaving (in case you hadn’t visited the shop lately!). It’s summer, which means cotton, which generally means teatowels. These are great little projects to explore patterns and colour ideas without committing to a big project.

I’m mostly self-taught, so I have a large collection of books and magazines. My favourite publication is Handwoven Magazine – I have back issues from 2000, and a number of “best of” collections focussing on specific patterns or items. I recently resubscribed to the bi-monthly magazine, and once again, my head is full of inspirations and ideas. But how to stop those ideas collecting dust at the back of the closet?

Soooo, my New Year’s Resolution is to actually DO the projects in each magazine, where they fit the loom(s) that I have available. I have the first one lined up (in my head, anyway). It’s from the November issue, so I’m already behind! Anyway. Watch this space.