Some ideas, of course, just don’t work out. With Valentines Day coming up, I thought I’d weave something with hearts. I hit up Pinterest, as you do. The best drafts* were for an 8-shaft loom – but mine is currently flatpacked and in storage for when we have more space. So, a 4-shaft pattern then. There was only one which looked any good so I wound a 5 metre warp, enough for 6 tea towels, and altered the tie-up* on the floor loom to match.

I wove a few inches. Hmmm, this doesn’t look right. Double-checked everything. Looked okay, but the resulting cloth still didn’t look very heart-like. Finished off the first towel, then switched the tie-up back to “normal” and wove the rest of the towels as colourful little chevrons. They still look awesome IMHO(!), but what was the deal with the hearts?

I did a line-by-line check of the finished towel against the draft, and treadle 2 seems off. Too late now to go back, but wouldn’t you know it, the same draft is used to make a stash blanket in the January issue of Handwoven. So I can have another go, AND tick off another New Year’s Resolution project!

Chevron towels now available in the shop.

Weave talk:
*draft: the pattern, represented as a grid/graph
*tie-up: the shafts raised for each treadle press