Hi, and welcome to the blog. To start us off, let me introduce you to the Shop Loom. If you’ve wandered past the shop in the last few weeks, you will have seen him in the window.

“Wolfie” is a Schacht 1991 Baby Wolf 4-shaft floor loom, who has just celebrated his 30th birthday. I have owned him for just under 5 years, but we haven’t really done a lot of weaving together, with him spending much of that time folded up in a corner. Coming down to the shop has brought him out of retirement.

We are currently weaving up a storm of cotton towels, using up my stash of Heirloom Cotton 8-ply, as well as a small (*cough*) pile of bargains from the factory back room (yes, we shop there too). This is unmercerised cotton, which makes it lovely and soft, but really hard-wearing. They can be used as hand towels or tea towels, and can be thrown in the wash along with everything else.

Towels are 45cm by 63cm, and priced at $50.View in shop