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Coffee Shop

Number 92 Railway Place has had an interesting life over the last 100 years, starting off as a laneway to the weighbridge behind the Railway Hotel. The building is an ex-Army hut, trucked in from Murchison shortly after WWII, and used as the local Newsagent until the late 1990s. It had a brief stint as a studio/galley, before taking its first tentative steps as a cafe in 2009.

In 2018 it became known as Copper Kettle, with Renée bringing her European cooking skills to country Victoria and wowing everyone with her cakes and breakfast/lunch menus. Sadly, they decided to move on a few years later, which gave us the opportunity to start the yarn shop we had been talking about for a while.

On condition that we kept the coffee. Okay Renée, we’ll keep the coffee!

Junction Blend

We use “Junction Blend” from Let’s Do Coffee Roasters in Echuca.

This well balanced roast is light on the palate, with delicious overtones of citrus and hazelnuts. Rich and complex, it leaves you with a satisfying sweet light aftertaste.

This has proved to be a very popular blend with our customers. If you would like some to take home, beans are available for sale at $19 per 500g bag.

Coffee Menu

Espresso / Long Black

$4.00 (Regular), $4.50(Large)

Flat White / Latte / Cappuccino

$4.00 (Regular), $5.00(Large)

Hot Chocolate

$4.00 (Regular), $5.00(Large)

Chai Latte

$4.00 (Regular), $5.00(Large)


$3.00 (Regular), $4.00(Large)

Extra Shot

+ $0.50

Syrup Shot (30ml)

+ $0.50

Specialty milk

+ $1.00

Summer Menu

Cold Brew


Iced Coffee / Chocolate

$6.00 (Regular), $7.00(Large)

Chilled Water 500ml


If you can’t come to us, then let us come to you!

A little something for everyone!


Traditional Handmade Soap

Wraps and Scarves

Cotton Towels

Rag Weaving

If you can’t come to us, then let us come to you!