The word Amigurumi (“ah-mee-goo-roo-mi”) comes from two Japanese words – ami meaning “crocheted (or knitted)” and kurumi meaning “wrapping (or stuffed toy)”. Wikipedia

What started as a fun Christmas Elf has got slightly out of hand. Amigurumi is a technique that I always wanted to have a go at, but at the same time it looked really fiddly and tedious. I’m not quite sure how I came across the original pattern a few weeks before Christmas – I blame Facebook, but who knows. I figured I could make a Christmas Elf, take a few fun pics for the Elf On The Shelf deal on our Instagram page, and be done with it. Then I made a second one, with fewer mistakes. And a third one to match a cotton scarf that Tim had just finished. Aaaand… then it escalated. I could stop at any time, right? I just needed to make one for each of the kids for Christmas and then I’d have a rest.

As luck would have it, I *did* have a rest, thanks to an infected cat bite on my hand. Then I got a couple of requests from people who wanted their own elves. Sure, no problem. I guess I’m in the elf supply business now!

And now I’m onto Trolls. This pattern is by the same designer. I bought both PDF patterns, because I’m all for supporting small business, but there is a free version available for each at the links below.

Elves: Mini Christmas Elf
Troll: Mini Trolls

And you can now buy your own Elf or Troll from the online shop, or message me for a special order. More being added weekly.